What’s in a name of an angel?

The following is highlights of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ6U3blQZJA

what’s in a name of an angel by Tzvi Langermann

In Vayishlach, Yaakov wrestles with the man AKA angel and they speak of names.

Also see similar name episode by Shimshon’s parents (Judges 13:17–18).

Why do people want to know the angels’ names and why do the angels refuse Why must they stay anonymous?

Ramban says this teaches us that angels are truly powerless — all their power comes from G-D, so a person would be mistaken to call on an angel instead of G-D. G-D and He alone should be the recipient of our prayers, as G-D & He alone can help us — see Rambam principle #5.

When it comes to earthly rulers we’d have to go through a battery of bureaucrats or assistants to get a meeting with them, and the best we can do is often to find someone who has their ear and ask to pass our message along.

Not so with G-D. We need no intermediaries. We pray directly to Him.

Still, some prayers addressed to angels have made their way into the prayer book [v’chisei rachamim and (pre-) yamim noraim selichot] — some t

[and also the custom to go to graves of tzaddikim, and to ask of living sages to bestow blessings on us] — this can be compared to the 3-part Priestly blessing as specified in Numbers. The Priests aren’t blessing the nation directly, rather they are serving as conduits to facilitate / draw down G-D’s blessings to the people, on the merit of their service to Him on behalf of the people.]



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