Parashat Vayakhel

Ohr Torah Stone
  1. Quantity versus quality of divine service, the latter only possible from merging with something greater than oneself, something unreachable by ourselves.
  2. Macro view realizing there’s no reality but G-D, versus the micro perspective, where every detail in this world — each creation & each person — every thing in this world reveals G-D’s glory in its own way.
  • Lubavitcher Rebbe

4th portion summary:

The work on the Tabernacle begins with the Curtains. The Torah details all the parts, materials used, colors & designs, measurements, and the assembly.


Previously we read of the mandate to build the Tabernacle and the contributions made by the people . They kept giving until the artisans came and told Moses they had enough, and Moses then instructed the people to stop giving (Exodus 36:4–7).

The Four Parshiot

The Shabbat of, or before, Rosh Chodesh Adar preceding Pesach is designated as the first of four special parshiot that herald the arrival of Pesach.

  1. Shekalim — we read (Exodus 30:11–16) of the community-wide donation of the half-shekel contribution toward the communal sacrificial offerings
  2. Zachor — we read (Deut. 25:17–19) of the command to wipe out our archenemy Amalek, who attacked us on our way out of Egypt — after the Reed Sea & before Mount Sinai
  3. Parah — we read (Numbers 19:1–22) of the Red Heifer, used for purifying ourselves from the impurities of death & preparing ourselves to partake of the Pesach festival offerings
  4. HaChodesh — we read (Exodus 12:1–20) of the commandment to keep time according to the Jewish calendar, specifically to make Nissan the head of all months. By declaring the new month, the Jewish people have the freedom & responsibility to sanctify life and the passage of time in service of G-D their Master, whereas before they were slaves to human masters in Egypt.

Parashat Shekalim

This week is parashat Shekalim in addition to Vayakhel.



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