2000 Mules: The Stolen 2020 Election

Reviewing the documentary 2000 Mules by DS, available to WATCH NOW for free here.

A mule is someone whose geo-tracked phone data —data which is freely purchasable from Big Tech apps — indicates they’ve been to MANY voting location dropboxes during the election season. Instead of conventional polling stations, these dropboxes were a concession to COVID restrictions and left unsupervised. Boxes sitting in the street, out in the open, accessible 24 hours a day.

People went to 20+ drop boxes in a single night. How else do you explain someone racing across city and state lines in the middle of the night through drop boxes voting locations?

In all, two thousand mules visited 10+ dropboxes each.

Some of these more industrious mules visited over 100 locations. And in places like Atlanta, Phoenix, and over 1000 mules were spotted in Philly alone. These are the biggest cities in key swing voter states.

To boot, these swing states were won by a very small margin, Georgia by 12k and Arizona by 10k. Pennsylvania, a much bigger state, also had a relatively small difference of 80k.

The data from 2000 Mules suggests these three states should be overturned.

Georgia’s estimated 30k illegal votes stole 16 electoral votes, and Arizona’s 20k illegals bought an additional 11 electoral votes.

Philadelphia was an especially egregious case. The figures there are 1100 mules visiting 50 dropboxes at 5 per for an estimated 275k illegal votes, handing their 26 electoral votes to Biden.

Overturning these states already hands the election to Trump.

But this is conservative talk.

This data is based on just 2000 mules at 10+ dropboxes each. When you lower that threshold to 5 dropboxes, the mules count jumps to 54 thousand and two more swing states — Wisconsin and Michigan — go the other way.

In all, it’s estimated over 800k fraudulent votes were cast and the election was won in a landslide.

There’s also 4 million minutes of video footage where you can see people stuffing the ballots then taking pictures of the dropbox, presumably to get paid for their efforts.

And this is just voting. What about the other ways this election was rigged? Big tech censorship. The Hunter Biden story being killed in the days leading up to the election, massive private donations. $470m from Zuckerberg. Soros, Buffett.

All 501c3 non-profits so it’s conveniently tax deductible. And when you’re raking in big taxable income this is essentially free money that would’ve gone to taxes anyway.

The plot goes deeper.

Many of these same phones were tracked to the antifa and BLM riots. There has been suspicion that the extreme left planted violent protestors, and here is some data which supports that theory.

Dinesh D’Souza: ‘The United States is not a democracy but a cartel. We cannot be ok with is. We cannot simply move on.’

I feel sick, horrified, angry.

How can you watch this video and say or do nothing. How can you stand this? How can you call yourself a patriot or an advocate for democracy and condone this?

I wonder how soon this documentary will spread across the world.

Assuming it does, I wonder which of the powerful and influential among us will take a stand. Courts, law enforcement, legislators. Who among them needs to step up to effect change? Will they? And what will they do? What can they do? What are their — and our — options? Reinstate Trump? Revote? Say sorry and try to move on?

If this video spreads and the world knows the 2020 election was a fraud then American leaders will need to face the music: the 2020 election was stolen, rigged by the Democratic Party and sympathizing big money.

The brave among them will speak out and take action, loudly and forcefully. The weak among them will wait until their base pushes them and/or it becomes less risky.

How about the enemies of our country, the people responsible for orchestrating these 2000 mules, the names on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Ghislaine Maxwell client list, the planning of the BLM riots— this sort of people.

I wonder what will happen to them.

2000 Mules and the revelation of these accompanying scandals will be a defining moment in American history and will make or break people’s legacies. The storm has arrived.

Thank you G-D for delivering these circumstances where the world’s snakes will be easily recognizable.

G-D bless America 🇺🇸



wannabe Torah scholar, amateur stock market investor, junior web developer

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Zachary DuBow

wannabe Torah scholar, amateur stock market investor, junior web developer